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Yuxin Longchang 70% Haze Greenhouse Glass-70% haze greenhouse glass is greenhouse glass with 70% of the scattered light flux after the glass is scattered. The haze is the deflection angle of the scatter......

Yuxin Longchang 70% Haze Greenhouse Glass

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Article Introduction: 70% haze greenhouse glass is greenhouse glass with 70% of the scattered light flux after the glass is scattered. The haze is the deflection angle of the scatter
70% haze greenhouse glass is greenhouse glass with 70% of the scattered light flux after the glass is scattered. The haze is the deflection angle of the scattered light to define the transparency of the light-transmitting material. It is divided by the deflection angle of 2.5°. The inside of 2.5° is called direct light, and the outside is called scattered light. Then 70% haze greenhouse glass, That is, after scattering, the scattered light flux accounts for 70%, and the direct light flux accounts for 30%.

Product parameters


Product name

Haze (±5%)


Hemispheric light transmittance

Size and thickness

Pattern type

Tempered diffuser glass70®




4MM / 5MM

1600 X 2500

Fragrant pear, double velvet, cloth pattern

Toughened anti-reflective glass70®2AR





Length/Width Tolerance

+/-1.0 mm

Diagonal tolerance

±2.0 mm

Edge polishing

C-Edge grinding and/or chamfer grinding

Local curvature

≤2‰ (maximum 0.6mm, 300 mm apart)

Overall curvature

≤3‰ (Maximum 3mm within 1000mm)

Mechanical strength


Break mode of 4mm thick glass

There are at least 40 particles within 25 square centimeters;

Longest particle length


Thermal resistance

Up to 250 degrees Celsius

Blow up




Performance characteristics

High scattering, no shadows, no burns on the leaves

Sunlight passes through the glass, changing from direct light to scattered light, so that there is no shadow inside the greenhouse, reducing the radiation intensity of sunlight, reducing the photoinhibition effect of plants, increasing sunlight exposure at the bottom of plants, and reducing the breeding of gray mold;

High transmittance visible light≥97.5%

Through the anti-reflection technology, the visible light transmittance of the glass is increased from 91.7% to 97.5%. Compared with the glass without anti-reflection treatment, about 10% of the light can enter the greenhouse throughout the day;

Long life, anti-reflection layer is glass body

The glass surface body etching technology, the anti-reflection layer is firm, the average service life is more than 15 years, and the light transmittance loss of 10 years is guaranteed to be less than 1%;

No Dettol, Strong Hydrophilicity

After the anti-reflection treatment, the glass surface is hydrophilic, and the dew on the glass surface will not drop and damage the plant seedlings;

20% high yield increase effect

Different covering materials have different benefits for the product. Compared with ordinary float glass, high-transmitting and anti-reflective glass has an average increase of 20% per mu;

High safety and low self-explosion rate

Yuxin Longchang full tempered glass is safe and impact resistant, more durable, and its self-explosion rate is far lower than the national standard;


Product Atlas

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