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After ten years of sharpening a sword, Hoogendoorn cloud technology redefines the smart greenhouse- At 16:00 on November 18, 2020, Beijing time, Hoogendoorn Company of Holland held a "IIVOlution" new product sharing session at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cho......

After ten years of sharpening a sword, Hoogendoorn cloud technology redefines the smart greenhouse

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Article Introduction: At 16:00 on November 18, 2020, Beijing time, Hoogendoorn Company of Holland held a "IIVOlution" new product sharing session at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cho
    At 16:00 on November 18, 2020, Beijing time, Hoogendoorn Company of Holland held a "IIVOlution" new product sharing session at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Chongqing. This event is the first offline event held by Hoogendoorn Group in China after the "Nature and Technology Integration" global product launch event on October 8.

New China General Manager of Hoogendoorn Group Mr. Benjamin Devillard (Bai Zheming) delivered an opening speech and introduced the main features of the new environmental control product IIVO. Ms. Zhao Xue, Director of Customer Relations of Hoogendoorn China & Chief Representative of China, shared data-driven planting based on plant empowerment concepts and big data, AI and other technologies. Mr. Koen Sizoo (Kong Sizhe), Consul General of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chongqing, gave a speech for the event, and met with the general manager of Benjamin and the representative of the first batch of users of the IIVO system in China. Mr. Liu Xiangwei, general manager of Beijing Hongfu Agricultural Technology Management Co., Ltd., and Dali Chun Muyuan Mr. Lai Ganfeng, the general manager of Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., under the attention of more than 200 guests who participated in the meeting, injected gold into "IIVO", pushing the event to a climax. It is reported that the newly launched IIVO computer will be settled in Hongfu Ulanchabu base and Chunmuyuan Dali base.

The environmental control system has always been the center of the smart greenhouse The brain occupies an incomparable important role in modern greenhouse production. According to the general manager of Benjamin, the new IIVO system released by Hoogendoorn is a brand-new conceptual product that has been polished over ten years and is far ahead of the products in the same industry. IIVO perfectly combines intelligent software and today's most advanced hardware to provide greenhouse growers with smarter technology. This is a peculiar system that can truly include monitoring, control and maintenance of any type of greenhouse. It can provide the possibility of planting multiple crops at the same time, and create the best quality and maximum profit with the least resources. This system is not only efficient but also sustainable. There is no doubt that IIVO's self-learning control and integrated safety guarantee are the first step towards autonomous planting in greenhouse and the future of horticulture.

IIVO besides adopting more advanced MQTT communication protocol , For the first time, cloud data and cloud services are perfectly combined with the local environmental control system. Through a secure cloud environment, the environmental control system can be updated and backed up online at any time. Through the IIVO Remote application, growers can rely on the Internet to use any mobile terminal to check business conditions at any time, thereby realizing a true agricultural Internet of Things.

More importantly, the environment control computer Object-oriented is a living plant, ordinary industrial design can no longer meet the application scenarios of greenhouse production. The core of IIVO is the principle of plant empowerment. It customizes methods for each crop according to the characteristics of crops. It uses the data generated by sensors and the "energy balance, water balance and assimilation balance" advocated in plant empowerment. Relationship, further digitizing and informatizing the entire production process, thereby forming a more comprehensive growth strategy map, providing decision support and even independent planting plans for growers of different levels. IIVO is using the best technology and a revolutionary, future-oriented system to bring new dawn to the cultivation of crops in a controlled growth environment.

In terms of hardware, all hardware is the latest Technology, and meet the latest industry standards. It is easy to install and configure (including automatic IO allocation), ensuring time-saving installation. IIVO has complete flexibility and can develop together with the user's business.

Hoogendoorn new system display interface

And Hoogen Road Crop Management Company has confidence Proposing a cloud solution is not unrelated to the forward-looking strategic deployment of Hoogendoorn Group. According to Director Zhao Xue, is a data platform company jointly established by Hoogendoorn Group and Wageningen University in 2000. It is currently wholly-owned by Hoogendoorn Group and is currently the most professional in the horticulture industry in the world. The gardening big data platform with the largest number of applications and the most comprehensive coverage of users. It is also the only horticulture company in the horticulture industry that has obtained ISO27001 information security certification. More than 95% of growers and research institutes in the Netherlands use the platform. “With the further development of information technology, we are pleased to find that data is more and more valued by growers and investors, which fully proves that our decision 20 years ago is correct; we are also proud of it, because we are today We have been preparing for digital gardening for 20 years. We are very confident and well prepared relative to this emerging and potential market. "As continues to improve, there is also Hoogendoorn Group's belief in plant exploration. The environmental control bible "Plant Empowerment" (“Plant Empowerment”), compiled by a researcher from Hoogendoorn and two professors from Wageningen University, is currently a compulsory textbook for horticulture in the Netherlands and is widely used by growers all over the world Practice and achieve significant results in theoretical methods. All products of Hoogendoorn and are designed under the guidance of "Plant Empowerment" theory to help growers make decisions according to the instructions of plants. Therefore, Hoogendoorn Group provides growers with tools, but also provides help for planting Comprehensive solutions If growers want to realize autonomous planting or AI planting in smart greenhouse,

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