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From "glass greenhouse" to "family balcony" planting "plateau summer vegeta-From "glass greenhouse" to "family balcony"Planting "Plateau Summer Vegetables" enriched more than 60,000 farmers in YuzhongSpring is in the glass multi-span gr......

From "glass greenhouse" to "family balcony" planting "plateau summer vegeta

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Article Introduction: From "glass greenhouse" to "family balcony"Planting "Plateau Summer Vegetables" enriched more than 60,000 farmers in YuzhongSpring is in the glass multi-span gr

From "glass greenhouse" to "family balcony"

Planting "Plateau Summer Vegetables" enriched more than 60,000 farmers in Yuzhong

Spring is in the glass multi-span greenhouse

In the cold winter season, in the glass multi-span greenhouse of Gansu Kangyuan Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., small rapeseed, butter lettuce, bittern, coriander and other hydroponic vegetables are growing gratifyingly. 48-year-old Zhang Hongling shuttles through it, checking whether there are pipelines from time to time. Clogged, and occasionally remove a yellow leaf. I have grown vegetables for half my life, and I am used to facing the loess and back to the sky, all covered in soil on sunny days and mud on rainy days; until I came to Kangyuan, I discovered that vegetable growers can also not be exposed to the wind and the sun, and do not need the mud in sunny days. On that day, the outdoor dripping water turned into ice, and the multi-span greenhouse had a constant temperature of 20 degrees and an area of ​​5,000 square meters. Because it was all automated, only two people were needed for daily maintenance.

This is just a microcosm of the development of Yuzhong's vegetable industry. Yuzhong is a national pollution-free vegetable production demonstration base and a key vegetable production area. It is also the birthplace and main production area of ​​Lanzhou plateau summer vegetables. The vegetable industry has become a pillar industry for farmers in Yuzhong to get rid of poverty and increase their income. It plays an important supporting role in the fight against poverty. At present, the county has more than 60,000 farmers and 240,000 farmers participating in the vegetable industry. Vegetable planting contributes more than 40% to the county’s farmers’ per capita income, which has played an active role in promoting farmers’ income.

Only 2 staff members for a 5000 square meter glass greenhouse

The group connects the market to build a base to bring farmers

In the poverty alleviation workshop of Gansu Kangyuan Modern Agriculture Co., Ltd., more than a dozen female workers are packing various kinds of vegetables. After being sorted, packed, and weighed by their hands, peppers, cucumbers, and celery will be delivered to the major Supermarkets, "walk" to the citizens' tables. 32-year-old Li Hong has been working here for more than 2 years. After getting up at 6 o'clock every day to send her children to school, she came to the workshop to start a day's work. On average, she packed 1,000 dishes every day, and earned more than 4,000 yuan in a month. "In the past, working in a restaurant only had an income of more than 2,000 yuan per month. Now the income is doubled, and it is close to home and can take care of the children." With the increase in income, Li Hong and her husband renovated the house and used bicycles. It is more convenient to pick up and drop off the children by changing to an electric car.

In the 5,000 square meters glass multi-span greenhouse of Kangyuan Company, rows of green vegetables make the winter full of vitality like spring. The relevant person in charge said: "In the past, planting green vegetables in the field required a lot of manpower from sowing to picking. Now, through scientific and technological cultivation and real-time monitoring and debugging, only two people can achieve batch planting of hydroponic vegetables." The reporter noted, In the roots of these lush vegetables, each row of racks has a small hole of about 5 cm every 15 cm. The roots of hydroponic vegetables are planted in it, and the lower end of the rack is connected to a pipe. The unit with less than 10 square meters in the center of the greenhouse is the "smart brain" of this greenhouse. After the staff has adjusted the pH balance of the water, the water is automatically watered every 5-10 minutes through the pipeline, and it can be planted in about 25 days. To picking, the planting cycle is greatly shortened. Now, this hydroponic vegetable has also been developed into a balcony vegetable garden, which is introduced by some families and is self-sufficient.

Teng Hui, director of the Vegetable Industry Development Center of Yuzhong County, introduced that in recent years, Yuzhong has focused on driving farmers to participate in industrial development, and vigorously promoted Kangyuan Company's "group-linked market-building base to lead farmers" to promote the industrial development model, and steadily promote Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The “vegetable basket” in the Greater Bay Area, Lanzhou Plateau Summer Vegetables Yuzhong Special Supply Base, radiates to drive farmers in Qingshuiyi, Licorice Shop, Gaoya, Longquan and other villages and towns in eastern Sichuan to plant plateau summer vegetables, solve the contradiction between production and sales, increase the income of the masses, and form a plateau summer The vegetable industry "stabilizes the Middle East expansion" has a good development situation. In recent years, more than 2,600 new varieties have been introduced for testing, and more than 10 varieties and more than 200 varieties of best-selling vegetables have been successfully cultivated, making the county's vegetable variety rate over 99%. The annual development order planting 25,000 mu, the agreement sales reached more than 400 million yuan, and they are sold to more than 80 agricultural product wholesale markets in more than 60 cities across the country.

Workers in the poverty alleviation workshop are packing vegetables

The main bases for the national "Northern Vegetables Transported to the South" and "Western Vegetables to the East"

"Yuzhong is a national pollution-free vegetable production demonstration base county and a key vegetable production area. It is an important vegetable production and sales county in Gansu Province. It is also the birthplace and main production area of ​​Lanzhou plateau summer vegetables. The main varieties are cauliflower, loose cauliflower, There are more than 30 vegetable varieties such as broccoli, kale, bamboo shoots, celery, Chinese cabbage, baby cabbage, Chinese kale, carrots, lilies, etc." said Liao Shizhong, deputy magistrate of Yuzhong County. In recent years, Yuzhong County has been relying on resources. And location advantages, adhere to the basic ideas of “expanding revenue, standard production, brand efficiency, and quality assurance”, and focus on the development requirements of characteristic industries of “good in excellent”, “special in special”, “exclusive” and “staggered peak” , Comprehensively improve the technical level of standardized production of pollution-free vegetables, strengthen the supervision of vegetable quality and safety, and actively cultivate leading enterprises in industrialization, so that Yuzhong County will become one of the main bases for the national "Northern Vegetables Transported to the South" and "Western Vegetables to the East". In 2019, the vegetable planting area reached 305,000 mu, with a total output of 640,000 tons and an output value of 1.18 billion yuan. In 2020, the vegetable planting area will reach 330,000 mu, with a total output of 750,000 tons, and an expected output value of 1.4 billion yuan. The vegetable industry has become a leading industry with local advantages in Yuzhong County and the main channel for farmers to get rich and increase income. It has a good momentum of development and broad prospects.

According to statistics, there are 43 vegetable fresh-keeping warehouses in Yuzhong, with a total storage capacity of nearly 130,000 tons and total assets of more than 300 million yuan. There are 18 vegetable fresh-keeping warehouses within 4 kilometers from Dingyuan Town to Jiangjiaying Village. Among them, there are 8 with more than ten thousand tons, forming the largest vegetable distribution center in the province of "Northern Vegetables Transported to the South, Western Vegetables to the East". The annual export of vegetables is 1.3 million tons, of which more than 800,000 tons of vegetables in the county and more than 500,000 tons of vegetables in the surrounding areas are sold. 90% of the products are sold to southeast coastal areas such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and 10% of vegetable products are exported to Southeast Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong and Taiwan. The rapid development of the county’s vegetable industry has also led to the rise and development of packaging, transportation, catering, labor services and other related industries. Every year, more than 20,000 rural surplus laborers are transferred, and these industries have an annual output value of more than 2.2 billion yuan.

Strawberries in the greenhouse are growing well

Balcony vegetable garden

Forty% of Yuzhong farmers’ income comes from vegetable cultivation

"The plateau summer vegetable industry has become a pillar industry for farmers in our county to get rid of poverty and get rich and increase income. It plays an important supporting role in poverty alleviation. At present, more than 60,000 farmers in the county have 240,000 farmers participating in the vegetable industry. The contribution rate of farmers' per capita income in the county has reached more than 40%. Every year, the service industries of plateau summer vegetable procurement, processing, refrigeration, and logistics have steadily promoted 23,000 migrant workers, creating incomes of more than 460 million yuan, and playing an active role in promoting farmers’ income. Wei Xiaojun, deputy director of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Yuzhong County, said that in order to accelerate the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, Yuzhong County has determined that “adhere to the direction of different industries in different regions and promote industrial development; Strengthen the development; insist on establishing a quality-based agricultural cloud platform to manage product quality; insist on cultivating leading enterprises in accordance with the "four has three capabilities" standard to connect poor households; insist on building a dedicated production and marketing base, and promote the sale of agricultural products." We will accelerate the improvement of the industrial level, consolidate the strategy of rural revitalization, implement the industrial support foundation and ensure that poor households continue to increase their income and become rich.

In order to integrate corporate resources, enhance competitiveness, and achieve direct connection with the terminal market, Yuzhong established the "Lanzhou Plateau Summer Vegetable Industry Group Company", registered the "Lanzhou Plateau Summer Vegetables" trademark, and unified the "Lanzhou Plateau Summer Vegetables" for export vegetable packaging. "Highland Summer Vegetables" logo. Actively create characteristic "sweet" agricultural products, accumulatively certified 201 "three-products and one-standard" agricultural products, including 105 green foods, and 3 varieties of "Yuzhong lotus dish", "Yuzhong cauliflower" and "Yuzhong Chinese cabbage" won National Geographical Indication Products Certification. It has successively successfully created a superior area of ​​Chinese characteristic agricultural products, a demonstration zone for well-known brands of national characteristic plateau summer vegetables, a national-level export vegetable quality and safety demonstration zone, a superior zone for Chinese characteristic agricultural products, and a regional public brand of "sweet" agricultural products. It is the first batch of provinces in the province. High-level modern agricultural demonstration zone, provincial-level agricultural science and technology demonstration park, provincial agricultural product quality and safety demonstration counties, plateau summer vegetables have become a resounding city card of Lanzhou.

In the future, Yuzhong County will focus on promoting the priority development of agricultural and rural areas and implementing the strategic requirements of rural revitalization, and will spare no effort to cultivate a professional marketing team for plateau summer vegetables and build an online sales platform to continue to expand market share and increase farmers' income. Keeping an eye on the vacancies in the production of leafy vegetables during the "summer dry season" in the southern market, vigorously develop new and special leafy vegetable varieties that are marketable to ensure that they are well grown, sold and benefited. Adhere to the “Vegetable Basket” project in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the construction of a special supply base for Lanzhou Plateau Xiacai Yuzhong as the starting point and breakthrough point, and comprehensively promote the development model of “group-connected market-building bases with farmers”, and strive to increase vegetable planting area within two years 50,000 mu, to build the Yuzhong East Sichuan region into a new highland for the rise of the plateau summer vegetable industry, and continue to boost the county's agricultural development, rural prosperity and farmers' income.

All-media reporter of Lanzhou Daily, Liu Weixia and Li Li

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