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Shanxi Qinyuan edible fungus industry develops rapidly-The cultivation of edible fungi has become a common work measure in the current rural agriculture economic development work, this kind of green and healthy agri......

Shanxi Qinyuan edible fungus industry develops rapidly

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Article Introduction: The cultivation of edible fungi has become a common work measure in the current rural agriculture economic development work, this kind of green and healthy agri

The cultivation of edible fungi has become a common work measure in the current rural agriculture economic development work, this kind of green and healthy agricultural products Not only can it save agricultural costs in planting production, it is also unanimously welcomed by the market. In Qinyuan County of Shanxi Province, the edible fungus industry has laid the agricultural foundation for the development of the local agricultural economy. Through scientific agricultural production, villagers have been lifted out of poverty and never returned to poverty.

As a healthy food, edible fungi have been very popular in the agricultural market in recent years. Now that the types and yields of agricultural products are constantly enriched, the sales channels of this agricultural product after deep processing continue to open, achieving a variety of ways to increase incomeGet rich. Driven by the agricultural sector, Qinyuan County has built a modern edible fungus planting base, continuously introduced high-quality mushroom varieties, and advanced planting techniques. The local edible fungus industry has continuously improved its popularity, and now it has achieved national sales development.

On the basis of traditional picking of wild mushrooms, the government of Qinyuan County aims at the fungus planting industry, hoping to encourage poor households to participate in production and operation through planting fungi, and achieve common poverty alleviation and prosperity. In order to encourage more villagers to join the production, the base uses employment to provide employment opportunities for the villagers while realizing the rapid expansion of the mushroom industry. After learning and mastering advanced planting techniques, other agricultural projects in the county have also been adjusted accordingly, the production structure has been accelerated and the upgrading of the production structure has been accelerated to achieve efficient agricultural economic development.

In order to achieve a state of sustainable development, the local edible fungus production base focuses on adopting ecological agricultural production methods, water-saving agricultural production technologies, and a combination of planting and breeding production methods, which not only realizes the continuous improvement of edible fungi agricultural production capacity, but also It can promote the common progress of other agricultural industries in the county. Create a green agricultural economic development environment, let villagers get rid of poverty without returning to poverty, and achieve sustainable agricultural development.

With the continuous expansion of the edible mushroom industry, local mushroom farmers have benefited a lot from it. It is reported that 58 species of edible fungi and 27 species of medicinal fungi have been found in the county. The variety of agricultural products is rich, which effectively broadens the sales channels of agricultural products, and brings stable agricultural income to growers. At present, in the local planting base, the main varieties are ginseng mushroom, boletus, ground umbrella, fungus, etc. The annual harvest can reach about 50 tons, and the economic benefit can be about 9 million yuan.

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