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Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., Ltd.-Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Zhongnong Futong”)It is an agricultural high-tech service company based on experts......

Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., Ltd.

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Article Introduction: Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Zhongnong Futong”)It is an agricultural high-tech service company based on experts

Beijing Zhongnong Futong Horticulture Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Zhongnong Futong”)It is an agricultural high-tech service company based on experts and technologies from scientific research institutions such as China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Beijing University of Agriculture, etc. It is a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Beijing and a national high-tech enterprise . At present, it has formed the Rural Industry Development Research Institute, Agricultural Planning and Design Division, Urban and Rural Planning Division, Facilities Engineering Division, Horticulture Engineering Division, Agricultural Science and Technology Information Division, Water Saving Irrigation Division, Science Park Division, and Enterprise Management Business Department, Agricultural Products Production and Marketing Docking Business Department, Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park, China Nanhe Facility Agriculture Industrial Cluster, Nanhe Agricultural Carnival, China Modern Agricultural Technology Exhibition Hall (Guangxi Yulin“Colorful Garden ”Agricultural Carnival), Cross-Strait (Yulin, Guangxi) Agricultural Cooperation Demonstration Park, Shanxi Baode Fanzhuang Tower High-tech Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park, Zhongyuan Modern Agriculture Carnival in Xin County, Shandong, Zhonghe Intelligent Multi-span greenhouse in Jiuquan, Gansu, Yanghe, Jiangsu Agricultural Carnival, Hunan Yiyang Agricultural Carnival, Shanxi Datong Agricultural Carnival, Jiangsu Jinhu Water Yang Demonstration bases such as Nianhua and Kaifeng Aisijia Agricultural Carnival. Zhongnong Futong is developing vigorously, and has been established in Taiyuan, Shanxi, Xinzhou, Shanxi, Ma'anshan, Anhui, Xinxian, Shandong, Guangxi Branches have been established in Nanning, Guangxi Yulin, Hebei Xingtai, Sichuan Chengdu, Shanxi Datong, Jiangsu Suqian, Jiangsu Nanjing, Jiangsu Jinhu and other places.

Zhongnong FutongA team of nearly 1,000 highly educated, high-quality, and experienced first-line talents and more than 1,000 senior experts from well-known scientific research institutions at home and abroad have undertaken and won many national major research projects. Subject awards, and passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

Zhong Nong Fu Tong is based in Beijing, radiates the whole country, and faces the world. It has been committed to international cooperation for a long time. It has cooperated with nearly 100 countries including the United States, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, France, Israel, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Spain. A strategic cooperative relationship has been established with the region on the introduction and promotion of modern agricultural technology.

Zhongnong FutongAlways adhere to the national strategy, uphold the development vision of “gather world-class agricultural talents and build an international excellent promotion platform”, integrate talents, scientific and technological resources, and provide the government, enterprises, etc.Rural industry development research, planning and design, engineering construction, technology promotion, operation management , Agricultural products production and marketing docking and other diversified, all-round, package services, can achieve "turnkey" boutique projects, the project covers the whole country, and has been widely praised by the society.

We sincerely hope to work with you to jointly promote the development of modern agriculture and promote the construction of my country's "three rural areas"!

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