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"The 19th China Greenhouse Industry Conference" grand opening-  Focus on how to promote the development of the facility horticulture industry after the epidemic, ensure safe production, and create a platform for mutual e......

"The 19th China Greenhouse Industry Conference" grand opening

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Article Introduction:   Focus on how to promote the development of the facility horticulture industry after the epidemic, ensure safe production, and create a platform for mutual e

  Focus on how to promote the development of the facility horticulture industry after the epidemic, ensure safe production, and create a platform for mutual exchange, integration, and development for the entire industry chain of facility horticulture. November 19, a 3-day “19th The China greenhouse Industry Conference and China Greenhouse Horticulture Industry 2020 Annual Conference & rdquo; grandly opened in Chongqing. More than 800 people including government representatives, facility agriculture scholars, technical standard researchers, relevant business leaders, and friends in the press witnessed this grand event. .

  The agenda on the morning of the 19th included the opening ceremony and the invited lecture. At the opening ceremony, Wang Ge, Deputy Director of National Agricultural Technology Extension Service, Hong Guowei, Chief Agronomist of Chongqing Agriculture and Rural Committee, Li Zhonglin, Deputy Dean of Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xie Shouyong, Dean of Engineering and Technology College of Southwest University, Jiangsu Facility Agriculture Equipment Association Chairman Zhao Jikuan and Secretary-General Xu Hui of China Facility Horticulture Technology and Industry Innovation Alliance attended and delivered speeches; in the special invitation session, academician Li Tianlai of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Zheng and engineer Gao Lihong of Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences delivered keynote speeches.

  Huake Resources General Manager Li Zhi gives a speech

  National Agricultural Technology Service, Deputy Director Wang Ge delivers a speech

  Hong Guowei, Chief Agronomist of Chongqing Agriculture and Rural Committee, delivers a speech

  Li Zhonglin, Vice President of Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, giving a speech

  Xie Shouyong, Dean of School of Engineering and Technology, Southwest University, giving a speech

  Zhao Jikuan, President of Jiangsu Facility Agriculture Equipment Association, delivers a speech

  Xu Hui, Secretary General of China Facility Horticulture Technology and Industry Innovation Alliance, delivers a speech

  The impact of the new crown epidemic on the facility horticulture industry and its response measures have become an inevitable topic at the conference. At the opening ceremony, the guests said in their speeches that the epidemic has had a huge impact on the industry, and even for a long time, we still have to face this problem, which further reflects the country's three rural areas. The position of "the top priority" in the strategy.

  Li Tianlai, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivers a keynote speech

  Chongqing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, engineer Gao Lihong delivers a keynote speech

  In addition to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the guests also expressed their views on the current hotly discussed agricultural and rural modernization development: to realize the modernization of agricultural and rural areas, it is necessary to open up the channel between technology and industry, and must rely on technological innovation to build The new engine of economic development will promote the continuous improvement of agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness, and the development of industrial technology in facility agriculture will make good use of modern protection facilities, environmental control technologies and industrial production methods to create a suitable environment for the growth of horticultural crops Conditions, its development speed and scale will directly affect the transformation of modern agricultural production methods, and play a key role in increasing the total value of agriculture.

  Conference site

  Focusing on the theme of “‘safe production under the war epidemic’”, the annual meeting will be through special invitation reports, academic forums, open forums, greenhouse equipment industry technology/application forums, and factory agriculture forums , Holland Facility Horticulture Technology Forum, Soilless (Substrate) Cultivation Technology Forum, Satellite Symposium, Live Show, “Themed Welcome Banquet” Social Activities, Observation and Inspection of Chongqing Typical Greenhouse Projects, etc., on safe production under normal epidemic prevention, As well as related hotspots and difficult issues, the purpose is to summarize experience, look forward to development, promote research, and promote applications, provide a four-level communication platform for the government, academia, greenhouse horticulture enterprises and growers, and strengthen the sharing of knowledge and technological innovation. Promote the development of the facility horticulture industry, and promote the further improvement and development of China's agriculture.

  In this conference, nearly a hundred scholars and experts from all over the country attended the conference and 44 presentations were made. Nong Sheng, Carlos, Klasmann-Deilmann China, Monter, Mianyang Xinglong, Lu Guan, Hualiang, Luyin, Suzhou Niux, Feilong, Tongfeng, Hong Leong, Gulangruike, Jin Yifeng, Starlink, Lei Many facilities and gardening technology-related companies such as Ling, Lvzhixin, Fengwu, Nunhems, Knight, Xiangneng, Pincheng, Yangke will also showcase their new products and technical solutions during the conference.

  The China Greenhouse Industry Conference has been held for 19 sessions so far. It can be said that the annual conference has become a unified communication platform at four levels including government, scientific research, enterprises and growers, so that practitioners can further understand Under the general environment of agricultural development, new changes in policies, new demands of growers, new trends in the market, new trends in funds and new trends in technology.

  After voting, the next Greenhouse Industry Conference will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from November 17-20, 2021 (registration on the 17th). It is foreseeable that this will be another industry event!

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