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A "journey" of tomatoes from greenhouse to table-  Under the epidemic, is the supply of vegetables in Aksu, Xinjiang sufficient? Is the price stable? Is it convenient for citizens to buy vegetables?  Augus......

A "journey" of tomatoes from greenhouse to table

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Article Introduction:   Under the epidemic, is the supply of vegetables in Aksu, Xinjiang sufficient? Is the price stable? Is it convenient for citizens to buy vegetables?  Augus

  Under the epidemic, is the supply of vegetables in Aksu, Xinjiang sufficient? Is the price stable? Is it convenient for citizens to buy vegetables?

  August On the 19th, in Xinjiang's Aksuyiganqi Township, Yukakechogtal Village, a good variety, a hot wave surged from the greenhouse under the scorching sun. A tomato was picked by a big hand and put into the basket. On this day, it will leave the "owner" "Tang Longxuan", a greenhouse grower, to start a new journey.

  Dawn There is an endless stream of vehicles entering the village

  Yigan The township is close to the downtown area of ​​Aksu. Farmers mainly grow vegetables. Only the good variety Yukakechogtal village has 303 greenhouse covering an area of ​​1.5 to 3 mu. Tang Longxuan's family has two greenhouse, one grows all tomatoes, and the other mixes cowpea and water spinach. Right now, tomatoes are entering the mature picking period, and there is an endless stream of vehicles driving into the village in the dawn every day. They are all operators from the Xinjiang (Akesu) Agricultural Products Trading Center.

  “ Tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, celery, coriander and other hard-to-storable dishes must be purchased early in the morning to ensure their freshness. ” said Zhang Xuepeng, an operator of the Agricultural Products Trading Center.

  This year, The vegetable market under the epidemic is not as lively as it used to be, but with the help of relevant departments, Aksu's green, organic, and pollution-free vegetables are still "on time" and marketed, and cheap and assured dishes are delivered to the tables of people of all ethnic groups in time .

  “ There are at least 15 varieties of greenhouse vegetables in our village, as well as special fruits such as winter jujube and navel orange. There are 296 households with 1500 people in greenhouse, and the vegetables grown are mainly wholesale. This year's epidemic has made everyone feel a little worried, because they fear that the vegetables in the fields will not be sold. ”Li Bo, deputy director of the Yukhakchogtal village committee of the fine breed, told reporters.

  Li Bo The house has 3 acres of greenhouse, 1.5 acres of cowpea and 1.5 acres of celery. As the deputy director of the village committee, he often gave gifts to other vegetable farmers, and his house has become a demonstration planting shed for the whole village. In the cowpea greenhouse, the reporter saw that although the crop had just been picked, the mature cowpea on the vine had been "blocked" on the road.

  “ The growth cycle of cowpea is from June to November, and the annual income of each shed is 60,000 to 70,000 yuan. "Li Bo said that during the epidemic prevention and control period, 3 to 4 tons of vegetables were transported from the village to the market every day.

  Temporary coordination A turnover warehouse of 7000 square meters

  Zhang Xuepeng’s The car was loaded with 500 kg of chives, 300 kg of coriander, 150 kg of garlic sprouts and 100 kg of tomatoes. These vegetables are pulled back from the field and sold in the store, earning 0.5 to 1 yuan per kilogram.

  “ In 2019, I moved from the original Xincheng Agricultural Products Wholesale Market to the newly built agricultural product trading center, with one shop and one stall. At present, the government has waived our rent and booth fees, and the water, electricity and heating costs are borne by ourselves. ” said Zhang Xuepeng.

  In agricultural products In the trading center, small trucks pulling vegetables and fruits pass through the courtyard in an orderly manner. The difference is that some car bodies have red banners of "government-delivered cheap vegetables".

  肜强It was the driver of one of the small trucks with red banners. On the same day, he wanted to deliver a truck of cheap vegetables to Chunhua Community, Yingbaza Street, Aksu City. He also has the identity-a volunteer of the Regional Youth Volunteers Association.

  this year 1 Since the beginning of the month, the number of affordable vegetable delivery vehicles has increased from 20 to 58. 78 young volunteers, including Xiao Qiang, have participated in the voluntary service of fruit and vegetable delivery, working as drivers and stevedores.

  Akesu Trading Xu Linbin, director of the Management Committee of the Logistics Industry Park, told reporters that the management committee has set up 3 living material guarantee groups to divide the city's 10 subdistricts and provide a guaranteed supply of fruits and vegetables for more than 300 communities, construction sites, hotels, etc. Service, the daily delivery volume is about 400 tons, and about 500,000 people of all ethnic groups have benefited from it.

  “ We temporarily coordinated a 7,000-square-meter turnover warehouse in the Agricultural Products Trade Center. Vegetables such as carrots, white radishes, and potatoes were purchased from the operators the day before and placed in the turnover warehouse. According to the orders provided by the communities, Weigh, pack, and load the truck overnight. Leafy vegetables such as celery and spinach must be picked and packed early in the morning. How much money we buy, how much we sell, fuel costs, labor costs, and losses are borne by ourselves, and we guarantee that what we deliver to the people is fresh and cheap dishes. "Xu Linbin said.

  Volunteers Send tomatoes to citizens’ homes

  Akesu area And the cadres sent by the Aksu City Bureau of Commerce and the Market Supervision Administration have established a permanent working group in the Agricultural Products Trade Center to take charge of sampling and price control.

  The reporter follows When Wang Qiang's delivery vehicle arrived in Chunhua Community, several operators in the district were already waiting in the parking lot. Luo Heman · Tohuti, secretary of the Community Party Building Office, is carefully checking the vegetable orders. Volunteers wearing red armbands unload the vegetables and kilograms corresponding to the orders provided by the merchants.

  Lin Fu An operator of a fruit shop, he said: "The government delivery truck delivers vegetables in the morning and fruits and vegetables in the afternoon. When we sell the fruits and vegetables, we earn 0.5 to 1 yuan per kilogram. ”

  Home lives in the Galaxy Yore Guli · Yiming of the Garden District received carrots, spinach, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables from volunteers. She said: "There are 4 people in my family and the demand for vegetables is relatively large. I usually make noodles and ramen. More often, the family buys vegetables once a day, and tomatoes cost 3 jin. The vegetables I get every day are fresh and cheap. ”

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