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How to design and build modern smart glass greenhouses?-  The glass greenhouse is an architectural style that uses hot-dip galvanized steel frame materials as the main structure to cover the surrounding and top of......

How to design and build modern smart glass greenhouses?

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Article Introduction:   The glass greenhouse is an architectural style that uses hot-dip galvanized steel frame materials as the main structure to cover the surrounding and top of

  The glass greenhouse is an architectural style that uses hot-dip galvanized steel frame materials as the main structure to cover the surrounding and top of the glass. The purpose of building the glass greenhouse in the field of facility agricultural planting is to provide a better growth environment for plants and Let crops go on the market in different seasons, so that people can eat fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year. At present, the most successful application of glass greenhouses in the world is the Netherlands. The production of glass greenhouses in the Netherlands accounts for a large proportion of agriculture. Today we will introduce to you how the Dutch standard glass greenhouses are designed and constructed and their advantages.

  The main steel structure of the glass greenhouse

  The main structure of the glass greenhouse consists of columns, beams, longitudinal beams, surrounding maintenance beams, gutters, and herringbone beams. Among them, hot-dip galvanized steel is mostly used in the steel structure or some more high-end greenhouses are treated with hot-dip galvanized steel and plastic coating. However, the editor recommends that the practical glass greenhouse steel adopts the national standard hot-dip galvanized steel to meet the requirements.

  The difference lies in the gutter, the Dutch standard glass greenhouse gutter uses aluminum alloy gutter. Compared with iron gutters, aluminum alloy gutters have the advantages of good sealing performance, and the hollow structure forms a thermally insulated bridge. At present, steel structure components and aluminum alloy gutter materials have been made domestically, and at the same time, the country is also the largest processing and production place for this material export.

  Covering materials for glass greenhouses

  This needs to focus on introducing to everyone, why the Dutch area uses ultra-white diffuse reflection glass as the covering material, which is the advantage of this kind of glass.

  Properties and characteristics of tempered glass

  Glass is an amorphous inorganic non-metallic material, the main component is silicon dioxide, and the density is 2.5g/cm3. Low-iron ultra-white glass uses ultra-white quartz sand with lower iron content, and the iron content is less than 150PPM. It looks white from the edge of the glass, while ordinary glass looks green from the edge. The light transmittance of 4mm ultra-white low-iron glass is over 91%, and the light transmittance of ordinary glass is 86%. After being toughened, it can withstand the impact resistance of 1040g steel balls with a height of 100cm. The self-explosion rate is less than three ten thousandths for low-iron ultra-white glass, while the national standard of ordinary glass is three thousandths. The wavelength range of the spectral response is 320-1100nm, and the reflectivity of 1200nm infrared light waves is relatively high. The visible light band PAR is 380-780nm, which is the spectrum most needed for photosynthesis of plants.

  Diffuse scattering:

  Different physical treatments with different surface depths and bumps will cause diffuse scattering when light passes through. When looking at objects on the other side of the glass, the objects are blurred, transparent and opaque, and soft light. Different degrees of treatment show different degrees of transparency, namely Haze.

  High light transmission:

  The surface is treated by physical and chemical methods to reduce light reflection and increase light transmittance. The high light transmittance diffuse scattering greenhouse glass of Xinxing Glass: The whole piece of glass is immersed in a special Sol-Gel glass film solution, and after drying and tempering, the light reflection on both sides of the glass is reduced, and the light transmittance reaches more than 97.5%. The main component of Sol-Gel membrane liquid is also silicon dioxide. After being tempered at a high temperature of more than 700 degrees Celsius, it is sintered with the glass as a whole, and it is stable. The hydrophilic structure of the surface is self-cleaning without dripping.

  The significance of diffuse scattering glass to modern greenhouses:

  The hazard of direct light is that direct light will make the greenhouse staff feel dazzling and uncomfortable; and it is easy to burn the leaves and petals of crops. Green leaves are more oily and flowers are more delicate; scattered light makes the light soft and uniform, and the growth of crops in the greenhouse is even, deep illuminating the middle and lower parts of the crop canopy, reducing the occurrence of gray mold at the bottom, and the green leaves are brighter and the flowers are more delicate and beautiful, and the overall improvement Improve the efficiency of photosynthesis, improve yield and quality.

  At present, this kind of diffuse reflective ultra-white glass is also made by many domestic manufacturers. When it is promoted to Chinese customers, its cost is about 30% higher than the price of ordinary glass, and it does not account for the overall cost of the greenhouse. Very high, the comprehensive unit price of the greenhouse construction part is around 360 yuan/square meter.

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