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Qingzhou Yichen Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd.-Qingzhou Yichen Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the northern flower capital——Qingzhou City. It can be designed and built according to......

Qingzhou Yichen Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Article Introduction: Qingzhou Yichen Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the northern flower capital——Qingzhou City. It can be designed and built according to

Qingzhou Yichen greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the northern flower capital——Qingzhou City. It can be designed and built according to the needs of solar panel (pc board) greenhouse, glass greenhouse, film arch multi-span greenhouse projects, solar greenhouse, ecological greenhouse restaurants, external shading and internal shading systems, seedling greenhouse spraying water trucks, water curtains Fans, heating systems and greenhouse accessories are used in flower planting, vegetable greenhouse, aquatic, livestock breeding greenhouse and various greenhouse, etc.; it can also produce various types of ecological restaurants with high ridges, large spans, and large spaces, with beautiful appearance , The interior view is wide, spacious and bright. Various products designed have been widely praised by greenhouse users.

Our greenhouse are built and designed to adapt to all climates from the south to the north. We can customize various greenhouse and gardening projects according to customer needs. Diversified product specifications: it can process glass, polyester board, film three types of greenhouse, frame products, internal and external sunshades, movable seedbeds, wet curtain fans and more than a dozen greenhouse supporting products. Yuanda, while continuously adapting and keeping up with the trend of technology, has abandoned some of the defects in the production of other domestic manufacturers of the same industry, and has improved and innovated in the production process. Formed our style and good standards, of course, our quality responds well to the user experience!

At the same time, we have also made great achievements in gardening and landscaping. Qingzhou, the capital of flowers in the north, provides us with a favorable platform and development space. Combining good local flowers and green seedling technology, Greening has a good reputation in Qingzhou and surrounding provinces and cities and has been highly recognized by customers. Shandong Greenhouse Company, welcome everyone to Qingzhou to visit the company for on-site inspection and business negotiation!

Qingzhou Yichen Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: Chunguang East 1st Road, Mihe Industrial Park, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province

Mobile phone: 15666064888

QQ customer service: 1156886413

After-sales service department: 0536-3839379


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