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Guangzhou Huangcheng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd.-Guangzhou Huangcheng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional greenhouse engineering company that provides services such as greenhouse design......

Guangzhou Huangcheng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Article Introduction: Guangzhou Huangcheng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional greenhouse engineering company that provides services such as greenhouse design

Guangzhou Huangcheng greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional greenhouse engineering company that provides services such as greenhouse design, greenhouse accessories supply, and greenhouse construction and installation projects. Huangcheng Greenhouse Company currently owns More than 13,000 square meters of production plants and a large number of greenhouse accessories storage, with industry benchmarking construction team, smart greenhouse leading enterprise; Huangcheng Greenhouse Engineering Company provides the following or similar scaffold structure related design, production and construction services: greenhouse engineering, Water and fertilizer integration project, sprinkler irrigation project, smart greenhouse, glass greenhouse, vegetable greenhouse construction, vegetable greenhouse upgrade hydroponic planting, flower greenhouse, seedling greenhouse, sawtooth greenhouse, glass PC board greenhouse, multi-span plastic greenhouse, movable flat roof shading Net greenhouse, office greenhouse, warehouse greenhouse, fishery and animal husbandry greenhouse, ecological greenhouse, sunlight greenhouse, aquaculture greenhouse, water curtain fan, cooling system, heating system, integrated water and fertilizer control system, activity internal/external shading system, activity side Window mechanism system, movable seedbed system, movable/fixed internal thermal insulation system, etc.; Huangcheng Greenhouse Company has its own production plant and large-scale accessory storage. The reserve covers all parts and accessories related to greenhouse, and the same functional parts are divided into a variety of medium and high-end categories and specifications, such as material, thickness, size and length, to meet different customer needs at any time. Huangcheng greenhouse accessories are independently designed scientifically. The greenhouse assembly parts of Huangcheng greenhouse save the time, manpower and maintenance cost of the greenhouse construction and installation process, and it is durable and easy to disassemble, move and upgrade. Sales of lamination cards, lamination belts, gear racks, fans, water curtains, aluminum alloy push-pull rods, aluminum alloy card slots, aluminum alloy tubes, sunshade nets, insect nets, imported films, sinks, film rolls, and screws Nails, pressure pipe clamps, U-shaped buckles…… etc., are sold in large quantities throughout the country and overseas; the company has passed GB/T28001-2011/OHSAS18001/ISO14001/ISO9001 and other certifications, providing complete sets for overseas countries such as Canada and Singapore The supply of greenhouse materials meets the quality standards of overseas and local steel frame structures; Guangzhou Huangcheng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. has an industry benchmark construction team, and the professional team responsible for project construction and installation has an average of more than 10 years of greenhouse engineering experience. Many provinces, municipalities, local governments, agricultural colleges, etc. have used the greenhouse built by Guangzhou Huangcheng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. as exemplary science popularization. The product quality, reasonable price, and perfect after-sales service of Huangcheng Greenhouse Design Company have been well received by customers. Over the years, they have gained more cooperation opportunities through word of mouth. Based on the customer’s own site conditions and investment budget, combined with the rich experience accumulated by Huangcheng Greenhouse Company for many years, we provide the best new construction and upgrading plan to achieve the best results for customer satisfaction;

Guangzhou Huangcheng Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of greenhouse related businesses. Welcome your inquiry!

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